CINEMATOGRAPHER / Director of Photography - RESUME

Alexandria Sloane "Puppy Love" (Official Music Video) Director Alex Sloane

"Friends" Silicon Valley Dental - Commercial - Director CJ Johnson

Next Door To The Moon "Can't Quit It" (Official Music Video)

Lionheart "Stadium" (Official Music Video)

"Blacked Out" - Short Film - Director Noah Nevins & Gabrielle Nevins

Nosey "I Know Fasho" (Official Music Video)

"Jesse Vaz and the Velvet Reign" Short Documentary

"Pillow Talk" - Short Film - Director Keith Powell

"Man and Machine...and Jazz" - Short Documentary (Official Selection of the Pasadena International Film Festival, Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival)

"We Are All Americans" - Short Film - Director Michael Steves

Kulagy "Brand Spot" Commercial - Director CJ Johnson

"Emotional State" Short Film - Director Dedi Felman

"Anthem" DeFazio Painting - Commercial

"West of Hell" Feature Film (Additional Photography) Director Michael Steves

Alex Sloane "G2G" (Official Music Video) Director Alexandria Sloane

Kossisko "Hard" (Official Music Video) - Director Kossisko Konan

Fatimah Patrice "Nostalgic Infatuation" (Official Music Video)

Froomador "Digital Footprints" (Official Music Video) Director Michael Plewa

"Still" - Short Film - Director Adrien Boublil

Lionheart "Love Don't Live Here" (Official Music Video)

"Locked In Stone" Short Film - Director David Khaziri

"DJ Dog Style" Web Series - Season 1 (6 Episodes) - Director CJ Johnson

"Keith Broke His Leg" Web Series - Seasons 1 and 2 (12 Episodes) - Director Keith Powell - Winner of Best Comedy Web Series - Indie Series Awards 2016

Myoa "Can A Stranger" (Official Music Video) - Director Marcuis Harris

Lionheart "Keep Talking" (Official Music Video)

"The Hotel Barclay" Horror Web Series - Season 1 (6 Episodes) / Season 2 (7 Episodes) - Director Leah Myette - Now Available on

Trends "Brain Dead" (Official Music Video)

Parker Rose "Little Dreamer" (Official Music Video)

Lionheart "Pain" (Official Music Video)

"Make Up Women" - Feature Documentary - Director Jill Smith

Drew Dockerill "Golden Hour" (Official Music Video)

Herb Alpert "Chattanooga Choo Choo" (Official Music Video) - Director Kurt Nishimura

Arka The Virtue "Money Then The Power" (Official Music Video)

Lionheart "Rest In Power" (Official Music Video)

The Killing Lights”Lies Spread Like Fire” (Official Music Video)

“With Your Spikes Up” - Short Film (Official Selection of the Studio City International Film Festival, Hollyshorts Monthly Screenings, Sacramento Film & Music Festival)

Josephine Roberto "He Wants To Get It" (Official Music Video)

Mixhell FT. Greg Puciato "Exit Wound" (Official Music Video) - Director Thiago Zanato (Greg Puciato Performance Sequence Cinematographer)

"The Dirt Bike" - Short Film

KUZA "Bound By Oath" (Official Music Video)

Lionheart "Hail Mary" (Official Music Video)

"Last Word" - Short Film - Director Kris Rehl

PBJ "Don't You Let Me Go" (Official Music Video)

"Rooftop" Venus Vapor - Commercial

Che Zifandel "Blunt Weapon" (Official Music Video)

"Legends" Series Promo - Director Addison Goss

"Hey Lady" Doritos Spec - Director Rachel Yoder

Parker Rose - "True Blue" (Official Music Video)

"The Green Girl" - Feature Documentary - Director George Pappy

PBJ "Don't You Let me Go" (Official Music Video)

Domination - "All Bark And No Bite" (Official Music Video) - Official Selection of the Unexpected Film and Arts Festival

"Escape" Rapanui Clothing - Commercial

"Eviction" - Short Film - Director Edward D. Vasquez

C.Crave - "Higher" - (Official Music Video)

Shoemaker Brothers - "5am Birdcall" (Official Music Video) - Director K. Asher Levin

Havenside "Refuse to Sink" (Official Music Video)

Shoemaker Brothers - "Dancing Girl" (Official Music Video) - Director K. Asher Levin

"Clean Shave" True Blue Barber and Shave Parlor - Commercial

Havenside - "Low Life" - (Official Music Video)

RKCS - "Right In My Room" (Official Music Video)

Parker Rose "True Blue" (Official Music Video)

"Reset" - Short Film - Director Addison Goss

C.Crave - "Ready 1, 2, 3" - (Official Music Video)

Jack Ketch - "Enslavement of Man" - (Official Music Video)

Hoods - "Night Rider" - (Official Music Video)

"Tilt, Fray." – Short Film – Director J.D. Moore - Official Selection Indie Fest USA 2012, Official Selection San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2012, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2012

Havenside - "Endless Suffering" - (Official Music Video)

"Night Shift" - Short Film - Director Edward D. Vasquez

C.Crave - “Love Demon ft. L. Young” (Official Music Video)

Conducting From The Grave - "Her Poisoned Tongues" (Official Music Video)

Paint Over Pictures - “Love like a Rattlesnake” (Official Music Video)

Havenside - “Still Eyes” (Official Music Video)

"Dewild" - Short Documentary

Hoods - “Grizzly” (Official Music Video)

Andrew Antone - "Used and Abused" (Official Music Video)

"Underneath" – Short Film Director Jessica Vazquez - Winner of the "Overall Excellence" Award at the A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival 2009

Another Damn Disappointment - “Bullets” (Official Music Video)

Hoods - “Multiple Sclerosis” (Official Music Video)

Beg for Life - “Means to an End” (Official Music Video)

Hoods - “Pit Beast” (Official Music Video)

Hoods - “Betrayed” (Official Music Video)

Christian DeWild - “Dylan's Song” (Official Music Video